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3rd Saigon Blog Summit

Blogging has become a popular way of expressing oneself, keeping memories, and ultimately, making new friends over the internet. Unlike simple social networking where you connect to friends of friends of friends (blah), blogging enables you to connect to other people through some substance - words and pictures - sharing experiences that would otherwise remain unknown and remote to a lot of us if without the oh-so-powerful internet. So to bring blogging to the next level - Saigon expat bloggers (foreigners and Viet kieus) got together over two games of bowling and 3 large size pizza (note: VN large is US regular) at Diamond Plaza. Thanks to Kevin for getting everyone together and reserving those lanes for this through his friend Ly, supervisor at Diamond Plaza Superbowl.

Me, Chris, and A Mad Brown Woman

Me and alfaspider

Me, Jon, and Cheryl

Annie and TEFL gang

Jimmy making love with the scoring machine

Me, amadbrownwoman, and Kevin

Cheers to blogger friendships!

Edit: Happy Easter, everyone! Now find those Easter eggs and bunnies for extra fun!
Originally published on my LiveJournal blog.


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8th Apr, 2007 12:59 (UTC)
Okay, so this is your site eh? It's ubberly cool. Btw, love the pictures, i might steal a few :-D. It was great meeting you; although we are all saddened that you couldn't make it to Lush. I would like to invite you guys come and hang with me and friends on the 16th, my birthday. My YIM is anhnga_bui if you want to contact. I'll see you later.

Btw, this is Annie.
8th Apr, 2007 15:00 (UTC)
Re: Hey
thanks annie! :)

i also linked your page to my blog. i think i first read your blog just about when you arrived in vietnam. it was cool meeting with you and the rest of them saigonese bloggers. i wanted to go out and join you at Lush but my mum asked if I could just stay home so that we could attend Easter mass the next day. But for sure, as with your upcoming sinh nhat, we gonna be partying more!

See you on your bday, Annie! Cheers :)
9th Apr, 2007 13:35 (UTC)
cute pic
may trademark smile ka.
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